Emotions are good for your body and mind.

Expressing emotions is good for your general health. This is irrespective of the emotion, whether happiness, sadness, love, etc. Our brains are mainly subdivided into two, the logical brain and the emotional brain.

In as much as you feed the logical brain or utilize it, you also need to feed the emotional brain. Doing this keeps you in check by maintaining a balance that enables you to live a happy life while being highly productive at the same time.

Personally, I watch a highly emotional movie twice or thrice a week. These are the kind of movies that make me…

You can grow a business organically with these techniques

Every business's survival depends on how good they are to acquire customers. More customers basically mean more cash flow.

Cash flow means everything for a business. Without cash flow, the business dies. It’s like food or gas for the business.

The more gas you have, the more you can go. As a business owner, you need to have a working lead generation strategy. If you don’t, you will soon be out of business.

To avoid this from happening you must first think about survival. After achieving this, you then focus on how you can thrive by making good long-term decisions.

Working Lead Generation Strategy

The less the friction, the more prolific you will be

Recently I was reading an article by Tim Denning. In the article, he was saying writing is a high friction undertaking. Over 90% of writers give up within the first five years of their career.

This is particularly true. I remember Zulie Rane in one of her youtube videos, she was wondering what happened to some of the greatest writers she found on medium.

Writing is high friction and high resistance. Putting a system in place to absorb the friction can be extremely useful. Let us now look at how you can create such a system. …

Don’t write them on your wall, write them in your heart

Do you have wall pin-ups? If yes, are they actually making a difference in your life? This is a question I asked myself after having wall pin-ups for more than one and a half years.

To my amusement, my answer was no. I couldn’t attribute actual progress to my wall pin-ups. I started examining myself. A lot of questions came to my mind.

After critical thinking and submerging myself in deep thoughts. I realized they were actually a disadvantage. They were doing me more harm than good. They were more of a hindrance to my success than a vehicle to…

With great power comes great responsibility.

“Would you rather be a hundred lions led by a sheep or a hundred sheep being led by a lion?”

A few weeks ago, I attended a leadership seminar and the guest speaker asked this question.

You probably guessed it right, you would rather be a hundred sheep led by a lion than a hundred lions led by a sheep.

There is more to being a leader than what meets the eye. Power comes with great responsibility. Sometimes you have to make very tough decisions. …

How to eliminate resistance in your writing process

A young woman writing on her laptop
A young woman writing on her laptop

Resistance and quality are synonymous. They are often together, where one exists the other is present. The more you strive for quality the higher the resistance.

Inability to write is often resistance. Looking at it from a holistic approach, writers' block is just a child of resistance.

Resistance often results in other problems faced by writers apart from writer's block. Some of these problems include inconsistency, procrastination, inability to ship content, laziness, writing less, taking too much time to write a piece, among others.

I have been in the above boat and I didn’t like it. But even in my…

The concept of ad scent and why it is important

Old man contemplating
Old man contemplating

As an entrepreneur, understanding concepts that lead to a sale can be a game-changer. Each new concept you gain adds to your toolbox. The more concepts you have the more tactical you get.

With a pool of tactics, you become a master in your craft. You will be in a position to identify and solve complex bottlenecks. Those that regular entrepreneurs or marketers can’t identify not even solve.

In this regard, let me introduce you to the concept of ad scent. In this piece, we will cover what is ad scent? Why it is important? …

Watch out for these thieves.

Some of the greatest battles of all time were fought for one thing freedom. Freedom can have many connotations. Regardless, the ability to control your own time is a core part of it.

The worst punishment you can ever give a man is to take his time. Basically taking his freedom. Think about it, the time taken from a man can be used to justify the level of atrocities he has committed. Capital offenses are given huge sentences or even a life sentence.

As much as time is important, at the end of the day we end up losing most…

The story of FedEx—how it began, its growth, and the takeaways

In 1965, an undergraduate student at Yale University wrote a term paper. This paper would change the world and revolutionize an entire industry. The name of that student was Frederick W. Smith.

He had noted challenges in logistics, mainly faced by information technology pioneering firms. At the time, airfreight shippers depended on passenger route systems to deliver goods. This didn’t make economic sense for the delivery of urgent goods like medicine, electronics, and computer parts.

In the term paper, Frederick proposed a system that would change everything — a faster better way to deliver urgent shipments. Apparently, his professor didn’t…

The series of events that happened and how you can be safe

Believe it or not, less than 20 minutes ago before I started writing this I was staring at the end of my digital career.

Why the end? My third laptop to buy in less than 12 months was failing. This would mean I’d have to buy the fourth laptop in less than 12 months to keep working. Honestly, I don’t think I would have the energy to do this. Probably I’d say screw this. Look for a job with no free time and never look back.

I am still in the early stages. Buying a fourth laptop would wreck me…

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