6 Subtle Coding Languages That Are Meant for the Future

Discover these Hidden Gems in programming

Clement Brian


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

What if right now there exists programming languages you will not likely use in your time? Or probably just scratch them on the surface.

Languages that will trouble you in your old age because your days of programming at your highest level are long gone.

Do you ever think of those moments? Senescence is catching up with us at a rate we all wouldn’t want. Below are six subtle programming languages that are likely to be influential in the future.

1. Pony

Pony is a statically-typed high-performance programming language that is specifically designed for concurrent and distributed programming.

It is comparable to other programming languages like Rust and Golang. Pony’s primary aim is to provide an easy-to-use and secure language for concurrent programming.

One of Pony’s unique and remarkable features is its actor model. In this model, each actor is responsible for representing concurrent processes, has its own exclusive memory space, and communicates with other actors through message passing. This feature makes it very easy to create highly concurrent and scalable applications.

Moreover, Pony has several other features that make it an excellent choice for distributed systems.

For instance, it has integrated support for distributed garbage collection, which makes managing memory in distributed systems a breeze.

Additionally, it has a lightweight threading model, which enables developers to write efficient and scalable code with ease. These characteristics make Pony a language of choice for concurrent and distributed programming.

Standing out factor: Pony’s actor model approach to concurrency and distribution is unique and provides a safe and efficient way to write concurrent applications.

2. Q#

Microsoft developed this language explicitly for quantum computing.

Quantum computing is a field that leverages quantum-mechanical phenomena to perform calculations.



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