I totally get you. 💯💯

Have you ever been in a hurry to scan contents on the internet then came across a video that gets you attention and make you want to listen? Then it ends up grabbing your attention so much that you want to learn more?

This is what am talking about.

Think about it, a webinar funnel is one of the most powerful funnels responsible for billions in sales. It's made of videos. From the ad, the landing page or webinar registration page, and the webinar.

I totally understand you though. Actually for some demographics and niches a well detailed landing page without a video can work. This is mostly in medical related products. The landing page would include medical reports, case studies, research findings, etc. Again, adding a video would make it even better. The ultimate truth though lies in the data. Is having a video or not having a video making any difference?

The purpose of the video is to grab visitors' attention within the first 5 seconds of them landing on your landing page. It should also be interesting to keep them yearning for more. if you can find anything else that can do this That's absolutely okay.

Thanks for your response. 😊

I write. My life purpose is to help others and positively impact the world. 😊

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